Just let them go

UFO is an Unfinished Object. Sometimes I start things, but after gathering all the supplies, I never work on them. Some, I got a little farther along and start working on, but then get distracted and abandoned them. Most of the time I want to get back and finish them, but don’t. What do you do with them? Its an interesting dilemma.

Sometimes things have to sit and wait for their time. Other times, they just never receive the priority that they deserve. When do you let them go? Can you let them go?

For me, I have a mixed bag of things waiting in cue. Sometimes, I get into one of my moods and start making radical decisions about the future of these orphaned projects. They just have to go… and like Lewis Carroll’s Queen of Hearts, I proclaim “Off with their heads!” Then, proceed to cut them up, or less radically, I’ll just separate the collection and redistribute the supplies into my stash. Some supplies that I’m really over with, get sent away as charity donations (e.g., charitable resale shops).

My cut-up quilted bits get reassembled into patch work blocks (pictured) and repurposed into fabric postcards or other fun things (so many ideas waiting for me to try). And, yes…there they sit, too, as another orphaned project…waiting for it’s time for my attention.

I wonder about this…how many things do I hold onto because I think they’re too precious? I have projects where I was experimenting or trying a new skill. Why keep them? There are things that probably should be labeled as failures, then released from my capture and placed into the trash bin. Why do I I view them as too precious when they really aren’t meant to be be. Maybe I should just let them go?


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