Find time to play

At the SAQA conference last month, we were gifted with a small bag of shirting fabric swatches and a spool of thread. Attendees were asked to bring samplings of buttons, fibers, findings or other notions to share with participants (see photo with green baskets). We were also welcome to swap, grab, or collect materials from a stash pile of fabrics. We were encouraged to stitch up something during our time together. The activity was designated as the “Community Stitch Project.”

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I find myself increasingly fascinated with slow stitch fabric collage. And, you’ll know this project was right up my alley.

Most of the fabrics were slippery and probably some sort of synthetic. I didn’t care for that, but it was all that I had. I found a piece of batting and started arranging a base layer of fabric shapes. Then over the courses of a few days, I ripped and stitched shards of fabric to make this free-form design.

To me it is nonsense work; there is no plan. The design builds itself on a whim. It is slow work, with no reason and no purpose. And, is not how I handle most things in life. It is liberating to start something and let go of results. It reminded me to let go in life, spend more time experimenting and enjoying the process. Life is too short; find time to play.

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