First fly before we can soar

I don’t know about you, but I have a huge list of things that I want to accomplish. My limitation in task management is time. Some things take a little bit of time, some take a lot of time. Other things require a great deal of mental concentration and others require just some automatic motor skills. For me, juggling the priority of things on my list is a daily game.

What task is most important on any given day? Looming deadlines add urgency to some projects and sometimes someone is waiting on the project to be completed. Then, there are other things meant only for personal satisfaction and can wait, until … whenever.

Frequently, I find my plans get thwarted by other priorities. The good old “The best-laid schemes of mice and men, go oft awry” (Robert Burns,1759-1796). I’ve realized that being steadfast to my priorities, things do get done, just maybe not in the timeline I originally envisioned. Sometimes it is a matter of stop and go workmanship, but if I continue working I get it done. Sometimes I have to put something aside and then come back to it when time is available again. When I do this I feel a bit scatter-brained and it feels stressful. However, I’m always happily surprised when things get completed. There’s a proud sense of accomplishment there.

What gets me down, is when the project doesn’t produce the results I expected, in the time I projected. However, if I stick with it, I will start seeing results and then I’m motivated to keep going. So, in order to keep going …  I must keep going. Its a struggle some days, but I know that I should continue following through with patience and dedication. To reach our dreams, we must first fly before we can soar.

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