Time to try it again

Something to keep in mind when you’re creating is to just stick with it. In my last post, I shared some experimenting I was doing. I really felt confident about what I was doing. After I wrote the blog post I tried one more time. This time was going to be for the final project. I felt ready for this.

When I finished transferring my birds onto the fabric using the acrylic medium technique, I wasn’t impressed with my results. Its not that it didn’t work well, more that the results didn’t live up to my expectations for THIS project. I wanted something that would look “cleaner.” If I wanted the design to look more distressed, I would probably stick with it. Also, I felt the image colors weren’t as sharp as I envisioned. I spent a few days thinking about what to do next.

I’ve always had good results with image transfer products (e.g., Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) or t-shirt image transfers). So, I decided to go back to my tried and true method of using them. I used TAP transfer sheets to copy the bird images onto white fabric. Super easy to do and the colors are vibrant. Now I feel ready to move forward on this series of art quilts.

During my trial and error, I wondered if I was being too much of a perfectionist. I decided I was not. I know what I expected and I knew what results I was capable of achieving. I experimented with something new. Although, I liked the result I got from the acrylic medium they weren’t the results I wanted for these new pieces. All is not lost, I have a new skill and I will use it for something. It is just another tool in my toolbox. And some day in the future, I’ll decide when it is time to try it again.


    • Nanette Zeller says:

      Thank you, Linda! This one is going to be used for the final project. Colors are very sharp. I like it!

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