Some mercy now

There is a lot going through my mind. I’m trying to stay grounded and present. Yet, I do realize when I start whirling out of bounds. When I do, I know it is a signal that I need to step back. What is important to me? What is important for my brain energy? What do I have control over?

We’re in trying times. It sometimes is challenging not to feel anxiety. It is possible to isolate ourselves from things outside our bubble, but I like to keep aware and check in. I realize I don’t have control over most things. So after checking the morning news, I’ve been climbing the steps to my converted bedroom studio space. Making art keeps me in the moment and I’m in control of what I’m making.

Last night I took time to draw mandalas. A mandala is a symmetrically balanced circle containing shapes and colors. A mandala represents the spiritual journey starting from the outside to the inner core. Creating them can be a part of a meditation practice. Although my intent is to use these for a project I’m working on, I find them helpful right now. Mandalas signify the universe in its ideal form and can represent the transformation of a universe of suffering into one of joy.

I’m hope the later is true, because the world could use some mercy now.

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