A kick to your creativity

I ran away from home last weekend, but only for a day. It has been a long time since I’ve been to a quilt expo, especially one the size of QuiltCon. Presented by the Modern Quilt Guild (MQG), Quiltcon is considered the largest quilting event in the world and this year it was held in Raleigh, NCĀ  which is just an hour drive from my home. I’ve heard about it over the years, but it was never an attainable opportunity for me. Last weekend was the exception.

It is hard to describe the energy and enthusiasm that fills the convention hall. The MQG has a style of its own. They are mostly pieced designs with dense quilting. Not something I do, but definitely I can appreciate. I took several pictures of quilts that caught my attention. I posted 2 here that really made me think. The elephant was displayed in the “youth” category. I don’t know how old Tucker is, but my goodness his elephant is fantastic. After all the hand stitching I’ve done lately, the small piece by Jessica Rundlett really caught my eye. Her geometric design is created by hand and machine stitching. The precision she has with drafting the straight lines demonstrates so much patience.

After seeing the work of all these talented artists, I was inspired by their dedication to produce their concept. I think that’s where the energy and enthusiasm filling the expo comes from. It is good to be alone and focused on our art, but we also can get stuck in our heads. Being around other people with different points of view, can trigger ideas. I believe that even if you can’t get to a big exhibit, it is important to step out and look what’s happening around you in your local art community. Maybe consider visiting a local quilt or art show, I bet it will give a kick to your creativity.

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