Calling your attention

Ann Wood’s 100 day Stitchbook Challenge is over and here are the last 4 pages. I had some doubt that I would complete 100 consecutive days of stitching. I think by posting to Instagram and here, I felt accountable to you. For me, feeling accountable to someone other than myself always seems to add just a bit more nudge to get something done, because of the fear of publicly failing.

There was only 1 day of the 100 where I “almost” didn’t make the commitment. I had a full day of visiting family I hadn’t seen in years. I was curling into bed late that evening and suddenly remembered. I got out of bed…stitched for 15 minutes and was able to sleep peacefully that night.

As I completed the stitched pages, I followed Ann Wood’s pattern to assemble the pages into a book. I posted a YouTube video of the completed book. As I flipped the pages during the video, a lovely cardinal had some commentary (Be sure to listen with the volume up). To me, at least, he sounded quite happy with the results.

When I finished the book, I decided I needed to keep the momentum going. I’m planning to apply this practice to some other projects that have been waiting for me for so very long. Fifteen minutes is a doable amount of time to do handwork. I wonder if you have any projects that are nudging you to complete. Is there anything you could commit to working on for 15 minutes a day? I bet there is something in your creative space that’s been calling for your attention.

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