Tag: Spirituality

hawk featherWow! I’ve been away for awhile. My last post was to announce the new year and here it is April already. There’s been a lot of emotion in my life the past few months. Laughter, tears, joy and at times anger. I’ve been on a hiatus of sorts, not completely a path of my own journey, but a journey none-the-less. My entire life has been a journey.

Last week, I attended the SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Alliance) Conference in Philadelphia. I needed this trip. That’s why I’m back writing to you. I guess I forgot what I was doing. Life got in the way. I forgot how important it was for me to pursue my art and to share it with you.

Things sometimes happen that way. You need to be around like-minded people to remind you of what’s important and to re-direct you when you’re feeling lost. I returned from the trip with some amazing ideas for my future.

Then today I found a hawk feather while walking the dogs. This was a really unusual find on such a frequently traveled path. I researched the symbolism of such a find and read this:

  • “When you find feathers upon your path it could be taken to mean that you are on a higher spiritual path (whether you accept it or not), and it may be a sign of encouragement as you philosophically travel on this path.” – (Source: symbolic-meanings.com)

I’m willing to accept this destiny. I think it fits where I am in life. Looking back and moving forward. I’m anticipating some amazing things in my future.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you once again.