My Next Big Journey

sweetgumI frequently say I’m on a creative journey. I don’t know where I’ll wind up. I make plans. Frequently I find it doesn’t really matter, because plans change. There are speed bumps along the way which slow me down. I want to move faster, but sometimes I can’t. No matter how fast I run, the treadmill doesn’t seem to move me farther down the road. I try to enjoy the journey while I can. Eventually, I stop, look around and realize I have moved forward. I’ve grown. How did that happen?

Along my journey, I find things that look all shiny and new. I tell myself “I want that, but what is it?” I go investigate. Sometimes I dive in with my entire body and soul. Like a big old belly flop, I become engulfed. I’m invigorated. I found the place I was looking for. Lucky me!

Then, time moves forward. I start noticing I’m on the treadmill again. The shiny new thing begins to look kind of dull and grey. I’m bored. I’m tired. Or worse…I’m ready to jump off at 80 miles an hour.

On this journey, I always want to learn. I beg the universe to give me knowledge. Learning gives me energy. Using my knowledge makes me feel strong.

I’ve noticed that I eventually have to walk away. The grass isn’t as green as I thought it was. I look around and realize I’ve grown again. I can’t learn any more here…or maybe I don’t want to learn anymore. It’s time to find another lake to swim and the next green pasture to explore. Oh looky,  what’s over there?…Ready, set, go….it’s time to go on my next big journey.

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