Great Things

inflatable manNow that I’ve released myself of a lot of responsibility, there’s silence, a  lot of it. I can hear the computer humming.

Starting this week, my focus is on making my art career work. There’s plenty to consider, namely how do you make money? Make art and make money – is this an oxymoron?

I’ve met a lot of artists in my life. Most of us struggle with the financial side of the job. I know a couple who have succees. Many pick up side jobs; barista, sales clerk, etc. For a majority their art is the side job, juggling a full-time job and creating whenever time is available.

The mantra is you have to put in the time. There are a lot of things to consider, but my plan is to put in the time this summer. I guess the reason I volunteer so much is that it’s easier to do tasks which are clear and direct. It’s someone else’s vision, not mine. Sure, I have some clear ideas of what I need to do, but it can be overwhelming to think about specific tasks that need to get done. The ideas are clear but the path isn’t always very direct. I feel like those inflatable dancing advertisements, bending and swaying, moving up and down. It’s mesmerizing, but I need to look away and show up. Once I’m there, I stand still, refocus, then start. The magic will happen.

So, it’s time for me to get to work. I’m looking forward to showing you some great things.

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