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Carolina ParakeetLast week I mentioned that I had been working on a few pieces that were experimental play, where I could focus on a specific technique and work out the bugs.  I have another one to show you.

Awhile back, I posted sketches for a quilt I was planning to make (see the story here). I took the sketches and used them as templates to make fabric birds. Although the fabric birds have been done for awhile, I was hesitant to move forward with my idea. I have never thread painted birds and I wasn’t sure how that would work out. If I composed the design on a large (finished-sized) background and then did my thread work, I would be in a world of hurt if I messed things up (that dreaded point of no return again). I was intimidated to move forward until I finally figured out how to get past this hurdle. Then I got an idea…

I am involved in a monthly mixed-media art exchange with 10 other artists. The intent is for each of us to create a book of artwork. We each submitted guidelines on what we wanted for our books, e.g., theme and page size/orientation. The challenge coordinator gave us a schedule of who we will be creating a book page for each month. Then, every month for ten months, I create a piece for someone and someone creates a piece for me. It’s fun!

For May, my artist had a theme of “birds,” size 8″x10″, and vertical orientation. Ah-Ha! Since my birds were the right size,  I could test my thread painting technique on Leni’s page. Yep, I used this small quilt to help me gain confidence to proceed with the larger quilt.

I am pleased with the results. Currently, I’m auditioning backgrounds for the large quilt where 7 happy Carolina Parakeets will be hanging out. Things won’t be exactly the same on the larger quilt, but testing the technique allowed me to know what will and won’t work on a larger scale. Stay tuned…



  1. Martha Ginn says:

    Nanette, your little quilt is wonderful. I looked back at your drawings and like the different poses. I hope you enjoy thread painting. You did a great job on this parakeet for Leni!

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