Are you listening?

Sometimes talking to people about your plans and goals helps solidify them. It’s easy to think about what you want to do; dream a little. But, I often find that I don’t feel solid about my plans. Should I really be doing this or that? It’s difficult to place a finger on the right answer. Carolina ParakeetThen, I talk to someone about it all. I say the words out loud and it’s like, Bam!, “why the heck didn’t I see that?” I know what I was thinking, but it didn’t seem like solid advice until I said it out loud.

I have a few friends that get me thinking like this. When we have our talk therapy sessions, they ask just the right questions which force me to give them a self-motivating answer. They’re not telling me what to do, however, by answering their question I have to stop, think and rationalize my response. My answer forces me to be accountable, because the response isn’t just in my head anymore…it’s been expressed in the spoken word. I’ve placed it into the universe for others to see.

Last week I was faced with this situation. My friend asked, “what are you trying to get from traveling this path as an artist?” or in other words, “why am I pursing being an artist?”

I’m sure, depending on the person, this questions could be answered in many different ways. I know I like making art; I always have. I don’t really expect to get rich selling my work. I feel the need to make it, but why? I surely have thought about it before, but no one ever really asked me before. “Why are you doing this?”

I could have taken a lot of time to ponder the question, but what surprised me was how quickly I answered. I told her “I want to be heard.” The answer bubbled out of me in a way that took my breath away. That’s it! I have something to say. My artwork is no longer art for art’s sake, there are messages behind it.

As I am working in my studio, preparing for the November exhibit, I have stories in my head. I visualize these narratives and take time to render the image using cloth.  This is what drives me to continue, I want to share stories with you…are you listening?



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