Making Progress

IParaleet progress‘m still trying to make progress on the Carolina Parakeet piece. Unfortunately, I’ve had some interference with my time, but I’m doing my best to keep focused. I thought for sure this quilt would be done right now. So close…yet far enough away that I feel a bit frustrated.

I was talking to a friend this morning and reminded her that she was indeed making progress on something she was working on. The progress was just taking longer than she expected. —Ah, just another validation that talking out loud sometimes solidifies your own thoughts. — I too must remember I am making progress.

I’m happy where this is art quilt is going. I’m sharing a comparison photo that clearly shows I’m getting somewhere. The birds and branches are all detailed and I’m working on filling in the background with quilting. This is taking time, however…

The good news is that I’m creating dense quilting. Something I’ve wanted to do in the past, but just struggled doing on my domestic sewing machine. My Sweet16 sewing machine, with its sweet 16″ neck opeing, is making my work so much easier. I can sew and sew and sew and sew without having to re-adjust the bulky quilt so frequently. Makes me very happy.

The bad news is I’ve developed a muscular strain in my back and neck which is causing me great discomfort sitting. I’m working on resolving the issue, but I’m still limited to just short runs at the machine. Again, the key is patience, I am making progress.

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