Kindness and no regrets

sunflower2And the count-down is on. A week from Friday my exhibit opens at Campbell House Galleries. This week I’m wrapping up the final details: framing the last few pieces, installing new hanging slats to the large pieces, and adding labels to the newer pieces. Once this is completed, I will be photographing all the quilts.

This has been a very interesting process for me. I’ve always said that I love to learn…I thrive on learning… and I’ve learned a lot about myself this year. Preparing for this exhibit has reminded me to keep moving forward. I know IĀ  will continue to grow as an artist and I’ve already thought of ways to improve some things. Yet, there are a number of things I still haven’t figured out. Therefore, I will continue to learn and that’s what makes everything so enjoyable for me.

Any free time I’ve had this summer was devoted to studio time. So I didn’t have time for some of the opportunities I’ve been considering. Once this exhibit is hung, I will take a short break to re-energize, then I’ll be tackling the many ideas I have in my head. What I’ve learned during this process is to always keep moving forward. Sometimes that can be as simple as just putting one foot then the other. Moving forward also requires having the strength to only look back with kindness and no regrets.


Join me for:

ā€œPaper, Canvas, Clothā€
November 4 ā€“ December 17, 2016
Campbell House Galleries, Southern Pines, NC
featuring the work of
Sharon Ferguson, Marilyn Vendemia, & Nanette S. Zeller

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