It’s a new year and I’m trying to get myself into a rhythm of working. Sometimes however, I get distracted.

I vaguely remember owning an infamous “Sock Monkey” when I was a child. I’m told that my mother and grandmother would make these stuffed dolls for us.

Back in the 1980’s, I found that you could still purchase the “Red Heel” socks that were used to make these iconic characters from my youth. Back in the ’80s, I was a new auntie who loved to craft and I made a set monkeys for all my nieces and nephews.

Flash forward a few decades and the munchkin nephews are now parents of their own toddlers. Unfortunately, none of their sock monkey friends survived long enough to be passed down to the next generation of kids. However, when I heard “the Mav” LOVED monkeys, great-auntie kicked it into gear to start the Great Sock Monkey Project of 2017.

Well, if you make one…you might as well make 4! Right? Both the niece and nephew got new buddies, along with some of their friends.

And yes, you can still easily find “Red Heel” socks online (e.g., Amazon.com). If you buy the original Rockford Red Heel socks, inside the label you’ll find the directions on how to make them.

I’m told the kiddos love their new BFFs. — Sometimes it pays to get distracted.


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