What’s holding you back?

This month has turned out to be yet another busy one. I haven’t spent nearly enough time in my studio. I think I’m in a little bit of a “writer’s block.” This happens sometimes, even to the best of us. When it happens, I think we all can blame some of it on time. There just never seems to be enough of it. There are so many things I want to do (accomplish) this year and I feel the time slipping away.

Creative coach, Lesley Riley, sums it up well by stating, its not the time…its our priorities (read it here). When it comes to things we want to do, we’re actually choosing to make time … or not.

I realize I’m having mental blocks because of clutter. I just have too much creative “stuff” hanging around and its distracting me. Oddly enough, last week I received an email describing how our local Arts Council is collecting art supplies for the public school system. They report that there’s just not enough funding for the teachers to provide art supplies to their students. Lightbulb moment!

So here I was sitting, feeling a bit claustrophobic in my surroundings and I receive this epiphany. Just clean the room and donate the good, unnecessary things to the schools. I’m viewing this as a win-win in many ways.

  • 1) I’m inspired to help the schools advance art education.
  • 2) I’m clearing clutter from my life, so I don’t feel so burdened with stuff.
  • 3) I’m not creating, but I’m still working with what I have. I’m getting rid of the dead weight and seeing what I have to use. What’s staying are things which inspire me and will be used for future projects.
  • 4) Above all, I’m making it a point to “show-up” every day in my studio and do some work.

Showing up is half the battle to creating art. I’ve made the conscience effort to place more value on my time in the studio than other things in my life. Becoming aware of what’s holding me back is essential to changing habits. For me, I’ve realized that I have to show up every day, even if its only for an hour or 2. I’ll never reach my goals without that commitment. So what’s holding you back?

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