The sky’s the limit

Yesterday I had the opportunity to give a lecture at my quilt guild. I’ve given public presentations before, but never a lecture about my art. It was quite an interesting experience.

For this presentation, I focused on my artistic journey. I spoke about how my early interest in natural sciences has revolved back into my life in the form of art quilts. It was fun to reflect, but most importantly it was important for me to relate my story to my audience’s own personal journey.

We’re all on a journey. Each new experience is something we can learn from. I believe, as humans, we are constantly growing and becoming better at whatever we do in our lives. I wonder sometimes how many people realize this. I think the realization comes from self-evaluation. My philosophy is that, in order to see the change, it’s important to reflect on who you were and where you came from.

I’ve found that many people compare themselves with others. I’ve heard many people state that they can never be as good as another. By sharing my story and reflecting on where I came from, they saw that my skills took time to develop. I didn’t suddenly start making art quilts. My reward was … I think they got it! They saw I struggled and got frustrated, but I continued to experiment and learn. That’s all I really hope. When someone says they can’t, I hope to encourage them that they can. The sky’s the limit.

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