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This week I am working on a lecture I’m giving next week. My topic is about my artistic journey, from wildlife biologist to art quilter.

It’s fun to reminisce a little, but it’s also pretty empowering to see how my journey through life led me here. I’ve worn many hats in my life, but there’s always been two things consistent; my love of nature and sewing. Early in life I wanted to be a environmentalist. I studied natural science and wildlife biology in college.

Later in life, I dreamt of being an artist. While following this dream, I pursued many different artistic styles. It was only recently that I had the epiphany that my love of nature was evident in most things that I created. It was my artistic voice and youthful passions demanding to be heard.

My take-home lesson from this journey, is just keep trying. If art is your passion, then keep making art. If the results turn out good or bad, who cares? Just keep doing it! You will learn only by doing and exploring. Your artistic voice/style will eventually appear. Also, be sure to add some personal reflection.  Like me, maybe your voice/passion has always been there, patiently waiting for you to see it.

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