Either you’re in or you’re not

“Technically” I make quilts (2 layers of fabric sandwiching a middle layer of material, joined with stitches). Some people tend to classify quilts as craft.

Among the art quilt community, there is tremendous push to have what we do carry more respect in the art world. Some venues have strong views on art/craft classifications. Good and bad, I’ve seen a lot of art in my life. Some has me scratching my head in disbelief and other’s has me mesmerized in awe! Ultimately, art is in the eye of the beholder.

I’ve decided to go the way of my peers and enter more fine art exhibits. I’ve also pondered whether to ask a venue to clarify if they accept art quilts. After much consideration, I realized that asking is just casting doubt onto my own work? Do I really think what I do is craft? No! So why should I project a message of doubt?

It’s all relative and, take it or leave it, its all in the hands of the selection committee. The reality … its just a competition. Like every other competition in life, either you’re in or you’re not.

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