Working in a series

One of the things I wanted to work on was small art pieces based on birds. I’ve completed a few already, but there are a whole lot more birds to choose from. The other day, while trying to get some inspiration, I did an Internet search for songbirds. Wow! There is definitely a ton resources related to neotropical migratory songbirds (birds that migrate during the winter months).

I studied “neotrops” in grad school and therefore have a personal connection to these birds. They’re another one of those creatures who’s populations are dwindling due to habitat loss. Doing the internet search opened up a plethora of ideas for me.

Starting with the Scarlet Tanager (pictured), I’ve decided to work on series. I’m going to make small art quilts featuring these pretty little songbirds. I’ll start a new one whenever I get into the “I’m not sure what to do next” stage of creating. The idea of working in a series has spurred a lot of creative inspiration. I know its going to be keeping me busy in the studio. It’s taken me awhile, but I finally understand the reasoning behind working in a series.

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