The past few weeks, I’ve been trying to fine-tune some techniques I’m using. Right now, I’m revisiting the Carolina Parakeets.

The attached photo shows the same quilt at different stages of the process. (If you click on the image you’ll get an enlarged view to see the details.)

With the image on the left, you see the fused fabric pieces and a little bit of coloring on the head/beak of the parakeet.

The bird on the right bird is completely colorized and has a sealer on it to keep it from smudging when handled.

When comparing the 2 images, look closely at the wing, tail feathers, and feet. The image on the right has more shading and definition. It doesn’t look so 2-dimensional. This is what I’ve been playing with.

I’m trying to make 2-dimensional applique look more like a painting. There are many different things I can use to accomplish this. Right now, my weapon of choice is colored pencils. There are limitations to using pencils on fabric, but there are also limitations to using pencils on paper. I’ll be experimenting with this process over the summer. I like where its going, so stay tuned, it still needs some fine-tuning.

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