Backfacing quilts

I’ve had this nagging feeling for a couple years now. You know the one when something’s not right and you keep thinking about how to fix it? Sometimes I attribute this mocking thought-pattern to my sometimes perfectionistic personality (I am recovering…I promise!). I try to convince myself to get over it:  “Let it go … its Ok … no one will notice … you might ruin it if you try to fix it.” But, the voice persisted … for 2 years.

I couldn’t resist temptation any longer. I removed my quilt “soar” from storage and proceeded to remove all the fabric which bound the edges (aka facing). I couldn’t stand how it hung … all ruffly…yikes! Two years after making it, I finally realized what went wrong and had gained experience in how to block a quilt. When I originally finished the quilt, I had trimmed it cattywampass (yes, its a word!). It was time to take on the challenge to fix it.

First step … remove the facing and block the quilt. I placed it on a carpeted floor (face down) and gave it some steam with my iron (using a pressing cloth to protect the quilt). I pinned it into place so that it laid flat, then let it dry.

Second step … trim it square, then re-apply the facing. While doing this, I realized how un-square it actually was. Because the quilt is so large, I originally had trouble squaring it…which is what created the wonky shape it was in. I made a larger cutting surface this time by taping multiple cutting mats together on the floor. Now, I could accurately cut it into shape!

When I started this on Sunday, I have to admit I put myself into a bit of a panic. “What the heck was I doing?!!” I did a lot of self-talk to convince myself, I knew what I was doing and to proceed onward. I’m so glad that I did! It looks so much better. I didn’t have to trim much, but I did get it into shape. While I was at it, I got to enjoy all the quilting on the back. Just a note: I really need to consider making some backfacing quilts.

As Nature Speaks, a dialog with an art quilter
Featuring the artwork of Nanette S. Zeller
Oct 11- Nov 24, 2018
Page-Walker Arts & History Center, Cary, NC



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