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My fabric aviary is growing. This is a simple series I’ve been working on to showcase different birds. There are thousands of bird varieties in this world, so this series can, literally, be never ending.

I’m fascinated with birds, so working on this series allows me to look closely at them and discover the details that make each species unique. So how does a red Summer Tanager look different from a red Cardinal? Its in the details.

This process of being unique can also relate to being an artist. What makes one person stand out from another? Often its skill, but sometimes its more than that. When viewing artwork by those who appear to have succeeded, we may compare ourselves to them and begin negative speak. I see it all the time, comments like “they are so much better than me” and “I’ll never be that good.”  Why do we do that? I think the mission is not to compare, but learn from observation while embracing our own uniqueness.

For example, I will never be an award winning quilt piecer; I don’t have the patience. I do, however, admire someone who has those skills. I just wont compare myself because we’re different.

In contrast, thread painting on textiles is one of my passions and I’m always trying to improve. When I see someone’s work who has excelled in these skills, I don’t look at their work and say… “I’ll never be that good.” Instead, I look closely to see their uniqueness. “What are they doing that’s different from me?” “How can I change what I”m doing to obtain that quality?” I’m not trying to copy them, I’m talking quality or sparkle. Maybe its color choice, skill level or subject matter. Looking at the details, I can discover how I’m unique and decide to either embrace or improve what I do.

As Nature Speaks, a dialog with an art quilter
Featuring the artwork of Nanette S. Zeller
Oct 11- Nov 24, 2018
Page-Walker Arts & History Center, Cary, NC

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