Gathering Moss

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know I’ve been pretty busy the past 1.5 years (probably longer than that). At the end of April, I completed the last of my “big” events for awhile. Things are settling down. I filmed 4 segments of Quilting Arts TV in early April, but those won’t air until this fall. I also have another article getting published, but that won’t come out until October. Today, I spent my day doing the final prep on some new classes I will be offering soon. Those will be scheduled for later this summer.

One of the things I’ve noticed about life, is we frequently put ourselves in positions where we are crazy busy planning and preparing for things. For example, over the past couple years,  I’ve been taking on a lot of art and career opportunities which take lots of time. However, once an exhibit is open, article is written, or tv show is filmed, there’s a down time. This happens in everyone’s life, there’s getting married, going on vacation, or finding a new job. After all the excitement and planning, the event is over and there’s that little bit of a let down where you wonder “what’s next.”

I found it interesting that this past week I listened to 2 different podcasts where they expressed the same thing.  One was an interview with super talented, Academy Award winner, Viola Davis (Sunday Sitdown with Willy Geist podcast). Viola spoke of the excitement of filming a movie/tv show. After winning the Oscar, she put the award on a shelf. Soon, she started coming down from the high and found herself asking … “Now What?” It was comforting to hear, I wasn’t alone.

It’s important for me to continue working toward the next thing…whatever that may be. Whether it’s a project I want to do or another way to professionally challenge myself, I have to keep striving for the next thing. If not, I begin to feel restless or bored. It’s like the saying “a rolling stone, gathers no moss.” The phrase implies the person who stays active will avoid stagnation (modern meaning). That’s me, alright! How about you? Are you gathering moss?

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