Peace and balance

It’s embarrassing to admit, but I’ve been away for awhile. The end of 2019 hit me hard and it was a slow start into 2020. I simply lost focus. I can’t really explain it, but there was a strange energy within my soul … a certain level of anxiety that didn’t have reason. It felt like a mild electrical current buzzing around me.

Looking back on the past few weeks, I realized there were a great number of things that put me off balance including some minor health issues. It was difficult for me to transition into a new decade. And, my attitude was also greatly affected by the world news (my heart breaks for Australia!!) and maybe the full moon(?). If you haven’t realized it, I’m big on self-evaluation.

So where am I going in the roaring 20s? As I wrote in my last blog post, I have ideas, plans and actively pursing new opportunities. No matter how hard it was to focus the last several weeks, I realized that it was OK. The more you push yourself when you’re feeling off-kilter, the harder it is to work through it. It’s important at times like this to focus on what you have accomplished, not on what you haven’t.

When you’re feeling off-balance it is important to ask yourself “what is important to me?”

  • Does it really matter if I vacuumed the rug?
  • Can I move a deadline farther out to give myself more time?
  • Can I say no I can’t (won’t) do that?

It’s in your power. We all have obligations that are requirements in life, like raising kids, assisting an aging family member, paying bills, etc. But in this technology driven world, there are so many things we can say … “no, not today.” That’s what happened with this blog. I will not be struck by lightening if I fail to write a new post! It was self-love to say to myself … it’s OK to let it go.

So as I start the new year (new decade) I ask if you’re giving yourself love? What can you do to give yourself peace and balance?



  1. Mary Stori says:

    Nothing wrong with taking a break!! Pushing is good but can also cause unnecessary and distructive stress. Listening to your body is a good thing.

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