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Serging for a good cause

As I posted last week, the world can sometimes feel crazy and off-balance. There’s a certain level of anxiety in our world. I feel it and hear my friends share similar emotions. So many things are out of our control, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect us. If you’re affected, what can you do to put yourself back on track?

One thing I like doing is paying it forward. I think it always feels good to help someone else. I try to smile at people I meet and I like sending notes or gifts to people unexpectedly. I like sending surprises!

I also like putting my crafting skills to good use. Over the past couple weeks, it made me feel better to knit hats for Warm Up America. I felt better partly because I was knitting, which to me is a form of meditation. But, it also made me feel better because I was helping someone I would never know.

This week I finished making two scrappy quilts that I will donate to my guild. Many quilt guilds collect quilts to distribute to nursing or youth homes in the local area. And Yesterday, I stopped at a local Days For Girls sew day and serged components for their reusable feminine hygiene kits that will be distributed to impoverished woman around the world.

There are so many opportunities for us to share are talents and help others. It just feels good to help, even if we’re only helping in a small way. I don’t want the recognition for it, I just want to know that I’m doing something to make a situation better. Do you participate in charitable crafting (craftivism)? Share your story!


  1. Jenny Williams says:

    As a recipient of one of your fabulous surprises I can attest to how wonderful they make you feel. You are a caring, sensitive, and very sharing person and I treasure your friendship and knowing you. Only wish we could spend more time together!

    • Nanette Zeller says:

      Thank you Jenny,
      I know you are equally as giving of your talent. I have a couple of wonderful Jenny pieces of art. Hopefully we’ll spend more time together this year.

  2. Nell Summerlin says:

    I participate in the Rare Bear Army, an organization of Rare Science that helps children all over the world with rare diseases. I make “bear skins” and mail them to California where they are stuffed by various organizations and volunteers. Once the stuffed bears are completed, they are sent to sick children all over the world. Check out

    • Nanette Zeller says:

      Nell, I never heard of this effort. I’ve made a few bears in my life and its so great you’re using your talents to support this effort. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Jennifer June says:

    my daughter and I make baby quilts for a home for unwed mothers in Charlotte, it is a good feeling plus we get to spend time together.

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