Right or wrong answers

“Solitude” by Nanette S. Zeller (c) 2011

I made this quilt, “Solitude,” about 9 years ago for my first solo exhibit. I find it interesting how we view art. It is a very subjective process. I can view an art piece and love it. Then there are other pieces were I feel confused or even repulsed by it. We all connect to art so differently.

“Solitude” detail

Sometimes we have a more emotional connection to a piece of art. It might make us feel happy or it could make us sad or even angry. Do you ever wonder if that was the intent of the artist? Maybe they wanted you to “feel” something? Or maybe the artist created the work and their own emotions seeped into the imagery.

If you Google images of Vincent van Gogh’s artwork, you might see that his art clearly emotes feelings. Happy flowers. Moody landscapes. Emotionally rich portraiture. Was he intending to capture these moods or did the paint just reflect where his head was?

If you’re a creative person, do you ever create work that expresses emotion? Was it intentional?

I remember where my head was when I made this quilt, but I would love to know what you see/feel when you look at it? Is it a sad or happy quilt? Or do you think it expresses other emotions? Remember, there are no right or wrong answer when viewing art.


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