Count my blessings

Sometimes life is like a pile of scraps. A heap of bits and pieces. Tiny shards of bigger projects or dreams.

My studio is a mess. We’re taking time this month to do some much needed renovations around the house. Although my life feels a bit chaotic right now, I keep the vision that things will be better when we move past this.

My studio space (a spare bedroom) is a mess. Everything is getting packed up in boxes and moved out. I’ve delivered 2 carloads of stuff to the local Restore and there will be more visits to come. I’m not a minimalist, but when you don’t move in 14 years, stuff starts piling up.  I think it’s a genetic trait because my siblings are collectors too.

Most of what I keep are treasures to me. The bits and bobs may be packed away in a box…but when I find them, I’m flooded with happy memories. Some things find there way out of my life via trips to the donation centers. Then other things, the box gets shut and put away until our next encounter.

Not to be forgotten in all of this is my art/textile supplies! These items are treasures at a much different level. If you’re reading this maybe you can relate to this type of — shall we say — “curating.” Patterns, books, yarn, fabric, paints, markers, rulers, threads and scissors!! I may not use some of these items for a few years, but when I need them I’m happy to know I don’t have to go shopping. For example, the “I’m over it” fabric became useful making masks this year. And… all the wool I’ve collected found itself resurrected as a felting class! My former years as an avid cross stitcher paid off when I discovered slow stitching and mindful mending. I have plenty of floss to keep me busy.

As I reflect on all that I have, I’m reminded, as always,  to count my blessings.




  1. Michelle says:

    Hello my friend!! I’m in a similar space of reviewing the things that I have “curated” as I curate more in my little creativity room and clear out other things to donate as sometimes memories leak from my eyes. In a space of gratitude as I am reminded that among the things I have curated, are a few “soul” sisters…of which you are one. Live you lots!

  2. Joy McGugan says:

    I was glad to see that you keep some things for a variety of reasons! I don’t knit much anymore but was a yarn junkie for awhile and I just know that ONE day I’ll get back into it! Then there’s all those books, which I really should cull out what I won’t go back to. Then there’s the containers of a friend’s artist mom that I was going to distribute to art teachers, etc. but then the virus hit. One day….

    • Nanette Zeller says:

      Joy! I truly can relate. I have items that belong to my parents, grandparents, cousins and dear friends. Each time I look at their items, I remember the person. It if very difficult for me to part with some of these things…
      Miss seeing you…stay well my friend!

  3. Teresa Taylor says:

    Hi Nanette, I really feel for you when it comes to renovations and My husband and I will run away if we have to do it again. After buying our one level ranch, we renovated it. Had an accidental flood during one of the renovations which destroyed three different exterior walls and our kitchen. So we renovated it some more, but received a brand new beautiful solid cherry kitchen out of it. Well we boxed, unboxed, boxed, and unboxed again. We have been getting rid of things for three years and still have things to get rid of. It has been difficult, but we will get there. I like your Web Site!

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