What is in front

It’s a busy time of year, so many expectations. At the end of the year, you never want to be given “one more thing” to add to your list. But, I got one anyway…

Last week I received an email from the company I host my online classes. They have decided after 10 years in business it was time to close shop. It’s a disappointment for sure, but now what? I just started building online course this year. Because of Covid, it was a necessity for me to help keep income coming in during these trying times. Lots of people converted to virtual methods of working and staying connected. This past year, you probably participated in online learning, social meet-ups, or even participated in one my classes/lectures. I think the technology is a wonderful tool.

Since the announcement, I’ve been spending hours researching and trying to decide what next. I have other things on my agenda for the next 7weeks and don’t have time to learn/set up a new system. I decided, instead, to postpone any decision until I have time to act on it. It’s a disappointment (one of many from this past 20 months), but its OK!

What is the bright side? That’s where I want to go with this. Life is always handing us stuff we don’t expect or want. Have you ever faced a change where you expected the worst, then in hindsight realized it was an amazing opportunity that made you a better person? I know I have. Maybe these challenges are the universe offering an opportunity to change for the better? Are we ready? Yes! this is how I’m looking it.

This is an opportunity for me to check-in with what is behind me to see more clearly what is in front.




  1. Nanette, I love your attitude on this unexpected shut-down of the platform where you have been offering your excellent online classes. Preparing these lessons has to have been a huge learning curve, and you did an awesome job of teaching, especially the thread-painting one. But I know you will find a way to make lemonade and carry on because that’s your nature–a fine example for us all. We’re not promised smooth paths, just help to get over the bumpy parts. Peace and happiness and creativity is my wish for you!

  2. Mary Stori says:

    Oh Gosh Nanette……what a disappointment, but knowing you…….you’ll find a way to turn that time into a bigger and better opportunity!!

    • Nanette Zeller says:

      Thanks Mary,
      I definitely have some ideas brewing. Sometimes I need a kick in the shins to make some changes. Stay tuned! and stay well!

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