Time to remember

This past week I’ve had a flood of memories. I find it interesting how memories stay in our heads even if we don’t realize it. You think you forgot about something and suddenly you’re reminded. It all comes rushing back like you were there again, exactly at that moment.

I’ve been thinking about how memories influence my art practice, or at least how I think about my art practice. I believe most of us get caught up in our own heads. We rush around trying to deal with the day’s events and focus mostly on what’s right in front of us.

Each significant life-event is a specific moment in time. We spend days, weeks, months or even years, prepping for that very moment that we’ve been waiting for. And then there we are, taking it all in … and in a flash its gone … except for the memories.

This is how life rolls. But, I’m concerned that the accomplishments we’ve made get buried and forgotten all too quickly. So many times I can remember when I rushed and rushed to meet a creative deadline. For me, there were articles written, TV shows that I appeared in, artwork created, exhibits to participate in, and for sure don’t forget all those little gifts I made to brighten someone’s special day. If you’re like me, you’re proud of each of those events. (And, you should be!) But its done and you forget. You have to … there’s no time to think about it anymore because we’re rushing to take care of what needs attending to NOW!

When I first started quilting, I created a scrap book of each quilt I made. If I gifted it to someone, I noted the reason along with a photo. Time started running short and I eventually stopped filling the pages. Instead, I have a couple keepsake boxs of memorabilia. If its something I feel accomplished about, I toss a trinket (e.g., postcard or copy of the article) into the box. This is great…but it means nothing unless I look inside every now and then. The memory, along with the validation it generated, fades.

This week I was reminded of Lesley Riley’sQuotes Illustrated“* book she published in 2013/2014. I made the courageous lion specifically for that book. I remember the excitement of being involved. I remember stitching the design. Looking back at it I realized I’ve come a long way. My style is different and my focus has changed. But, I forgot about the book. What an accomplishment that was at the time.

Life flashes by way too quickly. Its good to reflect. Dust off the memories. Be proud of how far you’ve come. Do you take time to remember?


*Note: Copies of “Quotes Illustrated” by Lesley Riley can be located on Amazon.com . There are 2 editions with different covers and different number of illustrations/quotes. Publication dates are 2013 and 2014. It’s a lovely and timeless book. Great for gift-giving!


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