“Want” to do

My blog post last week had me thinking that I’m in need of some creative play. I’ve been doing a lot of techie stuff the last few months and I really needed to get back to my art. I’ve been feeling a bit stuck. I think it is mostly because of the “have to do” attitude I have about many of my projects. Some of the things I “should” do and some I “have to,” but what about the “want to” projects?

I was thinking about when I started on this journey in the late 1990’s. I’ve always created (learned to sew and crochet when I was 10). I loved art and my mom encouraged me. She loved creating too, so I think maybe she found a kindred soul in me. Anyway in the 90’s, I finished grad school and started working. I had plenty of free time outside of my work hours. So I really picked up on my “crafts.” Sewing, knitting, crocheting…I was prolific. Then, I was introduced to traditional quilting in 2001 and I went bonkers with it. Whatever I wanted to make, I made. I was like an addict with a “give me more” desire. I wanted to learn more. During this time I took a class to learn needle felting by machine. Super fun and yes! I acquired all the supplies … including the felting machine.

Now, with the direction I’ve taken the last few years, time seems more limited. There are plenty of have to and shoulds. I love doing what I do, but I wasn’t exploring as much. I wasn’t pushing the envelope of “what if…”

So with a little bit of down time this week, I decided to pull out my wool supplies and play. I started making bowls and small wallets last year, but I never really gave myself permission to play with the materials. This week, I’m playing with the fibers. What happens when I use different types or colors of wool? What happens if I add other bits of material (yarn, silk, cheesecloth, etc) into the felting process? What else can I do with the felted wool? My brain is happily engaged and I’m greatly inspired to create. Since everything is set up, I can pop-in during the day and play for a little while, then go back to the have to do lists. Creative play is important, so I’m giving you the nudge… What creative project do you “want” to do?

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