Your attention

This week, I’m still playing with wool. It’s crazy because all it is, is fluff. When I open the storage totes it is like opening Pandora’s box. The contents explode with colorful bits of fibers. I’m having plenty of “ah-ha” moments. I’m learning how various fibers behave. I’m learning which colors work best together. I’m also taking a simple technique that I’ve used many times and re-inventing the process.

The good thing about all of this is that it is fun for me; it is play time. Don’t worry, I’m not giving up on my art quilting, I’m just exploring. My brain is actively processing how I can incorporate this felting process into 2-D wall art. I’m learning how colors play together. There are some palettes that I love. There are some that don’t seem to do anything for me. There are others that seem like duds but crave something else to give them a pop. I’m engaging my brain in a very active way.

I realize from all this that I was needing to explore something new. Each day, I’m excited to go play. The good thing about the process is I can create in small increments of time. I use it as a break period during the day. I make a bowl, then go back to other tasks. I will eventually have to put all this wool and silk away. There are other projects that need my attention and the space I’m using.

I just want you to know…it is ok to try something new. It is ok to make things even if it may not make sense to other people. It is ok to explore. Remember that your muse can be like a small child demanding your attention. There’s a reason for that ….because it does need your attention.



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