Sometimes we get lucky

I recently received a copy of Quiltfolk magazine. Quiltfolk is a beautifully-produced advertisement-free periodical that is all about quilting. About a year ago, I stumbled on a call-for-entry for dog quilts for one of their upcoming publications. On a whim, I submitted a quilt that I made of my dog, Storm. To my surprise, Storm was accepted into the “Quiltfolk Dogs” edition which is now in-print and should be available soon at newsstands. Of course, this makes me really happy!!

But…there’s more to know. In 2012, Storm was also accepted for the Quilting Arts (QA) Magazine annual calendar [sadly, the 2012 edition was the last publication of their calendar]. Storm was “Mr. September.” He died in late 2010. I created his portrait shortly after that and just in time to submit to the QA call-for-entry.

There are a lot of memories tied into this quilt…more than just the memories of my beloved German shepherd. His portrait was the first time I created a thread painting like this. Now, the technique frequently shows up in my art. His portrait was also the first time my art was accepted into a call-for-entry. There were many attempts before then, but nothing prior was accepted.

The acceptance of his portrait in the calendar was the first time my art was validated by someone who didn’t know me. That means a lot! And, seeing this work published again is a reminder of the journey to where I am now. We create things and hope people like, understand and appreciate what we’ve made. However, there is no guarantee that they will.

We have to have courage to show our work or submit it to exhibits, shows, publications, contests, etc.. For me, it is an important reminder to keep trying and appreciate that not everything can be accepted. But then, sometimes we get lucky.



  1. Congratulations on having Storm’s quilt accepted and published in Quilting Arts 2012 calendar and now in the upcoming Quiltfolk Dogs. I’m eagerly waiting for my Dogs issue after receiving my #26 Mississippi edition. I was so impressed with the magazine that I added three other earlier state’s editions when I subscribed. Don’t know why I was so late discovering this treasure of a production.

    • Nanette Zeller says:

      It is a beautiful magazine. And Congratulations to you, too! I’ll need to pick up a Mississippi edition so I can see your spread! Love it!

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