Just go with it

I sometimes take on challenges that are outside my comfort zone. I’ve been trying to control these impulses, because accepting them means this “adventure” is taking me away from something else I probably should be doing. Frequently, I find I didn’t understand the amount of time the commitment would take. I guess I’m OK as long as a I meet the deadline.

There is a part of me that enjoys trying something new. However, something new means I can’t predict how things will go. I don’t have enough experience. It makes me anxious. What if I mess up? And, I usually do mess up. The challenge is a lot about persevering and looking in my toolbox of ideas for how to fix it.

I was recently asked what sort of things are in my toolbox. On short notice, I was able to recite a handful of techniques that I confidently know; thread painting, applique, piecing, painting, etc. In hindsight I’ve realized the toolbox isn’t always a technique. The toolbox can also be an ability to process things…especially when I mess up.

For example, take this kite shape piece I’m working on. What you see in the photo is the result of at least 4 failed attempts. Every time I messed up, I had to figure out a way to recover and save the project. One attempt required a “start over” and was so frustrating, but I persevered and began again. There was no other choice, so I had to. The other mess-ups I was able to reach into my toolbox and come up with a way to save the project.

What you see is not what I originally intended, but it is what it became. I think sometimes art has its own plan and we just have to just go with it.


    • Nanette Zeller says:

      Thank you Neil! And so true about how we are a result of our experiences. Every day I’m amazed at who I’ve become because of all the years I’ve lived. Truly hope our paths cross again!

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