Get R Done

Six weeks ago I started a Step challenge. Basically, a group of people got together and decided to meet a weekly step (walking) requirement. Our personal daily step counts were calculated using the average from our fitness watches.We were required to reach our daily goals 6 days each week, plus one rest day. Don’t meet the goal for a week you’re eliminated from the challenge. It was a doable, yet challenging activity and definitely a personal challenge versus a competitive challenge.

I found each day had its own set of complexities. Some days I felt tired, some days I was bored, some days my body ached, and other days I had a lot other things I needed to do. The challenge reminded me of making art.

There are always excuses. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons to not meet our goals. And other times, it is just a head game and we have to get over ourselves then do what needs to get done! And, if we find we can’t get something done, we either have to give up, find an alternate plan, or make up for it another day (if we can). Giving up feels like a failure and that’s a hard pill to swallow. However, it is important to show grace with ourselves. Whatever happens it is ok.

What I learned the past month is, if I put my mind to something I will get things accomplished. If I chose to, I can stop making excuses and get to work. I CAN accomplish my goals. I definitely have some big goals to accomplish before the end of this year. I successfully completed my step challenge (Yay!). So, now I’m going to take that mindset into my work, because mindset is everything. It is time to “Get R Done.”

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