Who told you, you can

I’m still pondering my thoughts from my last post. It is proven that children will play and explore freely, until someone convinces them they can’t. Some people give up their creative joy because they feel defeated. They don’t believe they should keep trying, because they’re not good enough. Other’s rediscover their creativity later in life, because they’re ready to try again. And some never give up, even when their critics advise them they should. I don’t think art/creativity is always about being good at it. It is so much broader and deeper than that.

It takes tenacity to be a creative spirit. You must be willing to overcome the self-doubt, artistic frustrations and personal critics. It takes a lot of passion and energy to keep going. How much time do you put into it before you just get tired and give up? When things get tough we have to find energy somewhere. Where?

I think that’s were our support team steps in. These are the people who see the light within us. When they show up they bring us energy. Our support team doesn’t have to be family or friends. Sometimes it is a random stranger we’ve just met who sees our talents and tells us they like what we do. Who told you, you can?


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