It will all work out

The past 2 weeks have been filled with layers of frustration. I’m working toward an artwork deadline for an exhibit that opens in November. I was eagerly excited about the extra down time I would have in August and September to work on this. Life is always filled with juggling responsibilities. What becomes priority at any time is never 100% in our control. So, the fact that I saw these “free days” on my calendar had me planning all the things I would accomplish.

Earlier this summer I explained my trials with image transfers. There is nothing wrong with this technique, but I had erratic results. So, I decided to return to my “tried and true” method of using image transfer paper to accomplish the task. With the designs ready on my computer, I was ready to run them through the printer. And that’s when the plan started to fall apart.

I have learned since, that if you own an inkjet printer it is highly important to print a full color image at “least” once a week! This process helps keep the ink jets from getting clogged. I “YouTubed” [is that a word?] the problem, found multiple solutions for my printer and proceeded to try them. I spent several days cleaning the print heads. I’m somewhat of a techie, so I enjoyed trying with great hopes I would succeed!

During the downtime between processes, I came up with another plan for the art creation. I turned on my sewing machine and starting creating, things were going well. Until the thread kept breaking, which happens with some threads. Even with the breakage, I felt on a roll, until the thread broke again and the machine produced an error message on the display. As a techie, who services my own machines, I tried to figure this out. I’ve had my workhorse Janome MC6500 sewing machine for 19 years. She’s a tank, never had any issue. Researching the error code, it looked like I blew a fuse on the machine. I wasn’t going to mess with this, she really could use a “professional” servicing anyway…so I sent her for a visit to the sewing machine hospital. The technician confirmed it might need a fuse and a cleaning. [Keep your fingers crossed for me, please!]

Ok…now I’m on plan #3. I pulled out one of my vintage machines (“Joyce,” the Viking) and began sewing again. Ok, I’m fine, but back to the printer. I spent a few more days working with it and decided it was time for plan #4. For the cost of a new printer and the time I’m wasting “not” fixing the problem…I just ordered a new one. It arrives today. [Another set of Fingers crossed that there are no other issues!]

Sometimes that’s the way it goes, there are set backs and we have to re-group. We must try something different or continue to feel frustrated. So, I tell myself to just hang in there, it will all work out.



[follow-up reporting: the new printer is up and running. AND, further investigation on the sewing machine, the technician found that it isn’t the fuse, but the motor that’s bad. My 19 year old baby, will be in the hospital a bit longer while she gets a heart transplant. Starting plan #5! ]

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