Lack of experience

I’m happy to say my sewing machine is back at home. The inspector tells me everything looks good. I’m also happy to say that the machine didn’t need a new motor after all. The technician checked with Janome who suggested resetting the machine’s computer and replacing a fuse. So far so good (and finger’s crossed). September is going to be a full month for me, so I’m glad this worry is off my plate.

In a way, I liked sewing with the vintage Viking machine, but I did have some serious muscle memory frustrations. I’ve had my Janome MC6500 for 19 years. I completed many a projects with it. I learned how to quilt and thread paint using it. I’ve had it so long that I don’t even think about which buttons to push when I’m sewing. One button automatically brings the needle up; another one cuts the thread. My mind and body are well trained on which button to push, and when.

My ability to sew these past couple weeks where challenging, becauseĀ  I was forced to use a 50 year old machine that didn’t have these fancy computerized controls. If I wanted the needle up, I had to turn the handwheel. And, if I wanted to cut the thread, I had to find the scissors to do it. I felt klutzy. It reminded me of first learning all the things I know about quilting and thread painting. The more practice I had the more proficient I was at these skills. I didn’t recall how challenging it was when I first learned these skills. I was reminded this past month, when I was forced to do without and learn a new (old) way.

I was reminded that when I’m learning something new, I can easily get frustrated with the process. However, I realized today that it isn’t the process that is frustrating me. My angst is caused by my lack of experience.


  1. Jan says:

    Cutest inspector EVER!!!

    Your experience with the fancy new and the 50 year old machine reminds me of my reluctance to give up my 45 year old Kenmore for a more up-to-date machine. How long would it take me to learn all those new fancy functions and gadgets??

    • Nanette Zeller says:

      Hmm? If the other fancy functions help you in your work, it might be worth it. Learning something new is the awkward klutzy stage, but once we master the process its becomes a no-brainer activity.

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