More to see

I have had a lot going on the past 2 weeks. My exhibit opened at the Arts Council of Moore County and the very next morning, I was flying to northern California to spend time with my aunt. As a kid, I spent a lot of time in the Bay area visiting my aunt and uncle. This month’s visit was bittersweet. Good memories, mixed with sad memories. I like to refer these memories as “ghosts.” I feel like the spirits who’ve moved on from this Earth are tapping me on my shoulder and reminding me of things I’ve forgotten.

Now I’m back home trying to catch up on the things that didn’t get accomplished the past several months. With Thanksgiving next week, it is that time of year when life brings busyness. So while I’m trying to keep it all together, I’ll stop and take a few moments to reflect on where I’ve been, contemplate on the journey, and ponder about what comes next. All of this reminds me:

Hold on to your memories, hold on to your dreams,
just never give up trying, because there’s always more to see.


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