Stay curious

I love having a window seat when I fly. I enjoy looking out and seeing what is happening beneath the plane. I look for roads, cars moving and buildings. When I fly over the mountain states, I enjoy seeing the terrain.

I’ve lived in Chicago, the Pacific Northwest, and now central North Carolina. I know theses places and I’ve visited some others. I try to imagine what its like living in these different (to me) places. I definitely understand how being a tourist isn’t the same as living day to day somewhere.

I wonder what it would be like to live somewhere new. What kind of home would I live in? Where would I shop? What’s the traffic like? Would I have to drive far to get to places? Would I find kindred spirits living there? Its so fascinating to think about.

The window seat provides me with inspiration, too. Like witnessing the color of light as the sunrises.

I can sit for hours watching the earth pass beneath me.
It reminds me to always stay curious.

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