I’m always very reflective this time of year, especially as I approach the start of my next trip around the sun (aka birthday). I remember my family’s elders speak of how quickly time passed for them. But, I also remember when I was a pre-teen and couldn’t wait until I would become a teenager. Back then it felt like I would never get older. I understand now.

I’ve been especially reflective about this past year and where I’m going next. In my art profession this year, there’s been a couple of rejections, but a number of successes too. When I find myself thinking too heavily, I encourage myself to think of the wins.

Lately, I’ve been going through boxes and lightening the load. I find stuff that should be thrown away or given to someone who would have a use for it. It is time to let go.

Then there are the memories attached to the objects. A loved one or maybe a special day. The memories are mine, but I feel they are attached to the object. If I eliminate the object will the memory stay with me? For some things, maybe it is more important to hold on to it a while longer and repair the broken bits.

Wishing you a safe and happy new year.





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