Shoot for the moon

I’m working on some plans. There’s a check list of things to do. This year I really need to make a difference on how I approach my life and art. It’s somewhat scary to set out to rattle the cage, but that’s what I feel I need to do this year.

I’ve been living my life inside a bubble, but now it’s time to move outside that comfort zone. Someone recently advised me to focus on what gives me “fire in my belly.” Boy, do I understand that concept. Do you understand? It’s a feeling that something has ignited in your gut and there’s nothing that will stop you. Staying so focused requires a lot of energy. It’s easier to settle into the normal rut and lose motivation.

I want to prove a point this year, so my focus needs to remain fired up. I don’t want to lose momentum. I need to shoot for the moon.

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